End-to-End inventory optimisation supply chain solutions that deliver your brand promise and increase sales

At Brookes Retail, we have over 10 years experience in bringing together the best supply chain people, processes and technology to create sophisticated, highly automated demand-driven solutions that deliver measurable and sustainable business value to retailers.

Building competitive advantage

In a high pressure fast moving digital economy, we solve strategic Supply Chain challenges through actionable insights and solutions that help Retailers to gain a competitive edge that cuts costs, increases sales and releases cash tied up in inventory.   

Our hands-on retail experience, integrated data analytics, machine learning technology and managed services has delivered strong supply chain results for retailers in many complex markets including Home and DIY, Leisure and Outdoors, Food and more.

We know what to look for and identify opportunities to cut costs, grow incremental sales and increase margin.  We help retailers optimise sales and inventory through improved demand planning in complex supply chains that meet changing customer demand and purchasing patterns. We help improve demand planning in complex assortments, slow moving and seasonal, through automated probabilistic forecasting methods.

brookes-retail-ecommerceOur optimisation techniques take into account buying patterns, seasonality, market trends, new product launches and other buying factors which affect demand volatility. Our focus is on:

  • Demand Driven Supply Chain Planning
  • Inventory Optimisation
  • Vendor Managed Inventory and Demand Collaboration

Brookes Retail supply chain experts diagnose complex supply chain challenges and priorities and deliver actionable insights and solutions to help retailers gain a competitive advantage and deliver a better customer experience – and help you keep your brand promise.

"Brookes Retail has proven to be an ideal partner in helping O2 plan a supply chain that can respond to changes in demand”
- David Flaxten, Demand Planning Manager, O2 UK
“The flexibility of consultants during all this change was world-class … So far this project has gone far better than we ever could have imagined … We’ve actually managed to grow our revenue and reduce our inventory costs, so I’m very pleased.”
- Chris Clowes, Supply Chain Manager, Costa Express

Brookes Retail Supply Chain Planning Solutions

collaborate data from multiple sources for more accurate demand forecasts
optimise in-store and warehouse inventory levels, reduce inventory costs, reduce out-of-stocks and increase on-shelf availability
more accurately forecast sales and markdowns, including for new product introductions and launches
including seasonal variations and complex demand models for long tail and intermittent demand products

Why Choose Brookes Retail

Brookes Retail, the official UK distributor of ToolsGroup SO99+ supply chain software, brings together the best supply chain people, processes and technology to create sophisticated, highly automated demand-driven solutions which deliver measurable and sustainable business value to our customers.

We offer market leading consultancy, software and managed services for inventory optimisation, demand forecasting and product replenishment planning.

We understand the challenges enterprises face in a digital economy with high customer service and investor performance expectations.


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