How is ToolsGroup’s SCP platform unique?

Many “integrated” software suites have been assembled from independently acquired products built on disjointed models. Passing data from one module to the next contributes to bullwhip effect and often introduces scalability problems.[...]

Why best-of-breed?

The reasons for taking advantage of best-of-breed supply chain planning software have never been clearer, nor more compelling. Multiple analysts report that ERP vendor users are experiencing below average capabilities, substandard[...]

How can I improve my process efficiency?

There is new interest in planning productivity. Large enterprises are asking “What’s wrong with my process that I need an army of planners?” Growth-oriented mid-market companies are determined not to add overhead. Companies are no[...]

How can machine learning improve SCP?

Machine learning is a powerful technology that is being increasingly used to improve data analysis in a wide variety of areas. At ToolsGroup, we have focused on employing our innovative machine learning engine specifically for supply[...]

How should I determine my solution timeline?

Supply chain planning software is not a transaction system. It is essentially a “predictive analytics” process that depends on the quality of the model in order to correctly predict service level. Therefore we believe implementations[...]

When should I consider Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

ToolsGroup’s BPO offering helps companies achieve outstanding business results with minimum upfront investment. Compared to a traditional “buy and implement” process or working with a large consulting firm, it is a service that[...]

How can SO99+ complement my ERP?