• Inventory Optimisation Software and Inventory Planning Software

Our inventory optimisation software employs unique demand and inventory modelling technology in order to generate reduced stock-outs, improved inventory turns and increased service levels.

Older inventory planning systems and traditional inventory approaches have severe limitations as they use gross approximations and blunt untargeted “segmentations”, grouping SKU-Locations (SKU-L) into arbitrary segments and assigning all SKU-Ls in the segment the same target. The resulting recommendations are poor and result in far from optimal inventory and service levels.

On the other hand, our inventory planning software uses proprietary analytical relationships between inventory levels and service levels, providing highly reliable inventory forecasting and optimum inventory levels even for very large assortments and very slow moving, intermittent demand and “long tail” SKUs.

We are the official distributor in the UK and Ireland for ToolsGroup SO99+ inventory planning software, which automatically assigns different service targets to individual SKU-Ls in order to achieve superior service levels while simultaneously mathematically optimising for objective functions including minimum inventory investment, minimum storage space, minimum obsolescence, maximum margin, maximum freshness and more.

Our inventory planning solutions can optimise even very complex supply chains which include multiple distributions and manufacturing echelons (multi-echelon inventory optimisation or MEIO). By balancing inventory levels across different locations including warehouse and store inventory (optimal staging) and different Bill-of-Material (BOM) levels (optimal postponement), our inventory planning software can automatically suggest the right “decoupling points” and adequate stock levels of goods, materials and components in any supply chain location.

Our inventory planning solution offers highly automated, powerful and sophisticated inventory optimisation for an extremely low cost and incredible ROI.


Inventory optimisation software features:

  • Multi-echelon inventory management
  • Support for complex and slow-moving assortments
  • Improved on shelf availability & service levels
  • Inventory strategies

Inventory planning software - impact and savings

  • +25% inventory turns
  • - 20-30% reduction inventory
  • - +30% reduction in waste


We have many successful inventory planning case studies and achieved significant ROI for leading brands including helping leading mobile phone provider O2 improve demand forecast accuracy and increase warehouse stock availability to 97% (read our O2 supply chain planning case study here) and helping Costa Coffee improve demand forecast accuracy, optimise inventory and reduce logistics costs by 30% (read our Costa Express inventory optimisation case study here).

“The flexibility of consultants during all this change was world-class … So far this project has gone far better than we ever could have imagined … We’ve actually managed to grow our revenue and reduce our inventory costs, so I’m very pleased.”
- Chris Clowes, Supply Chain Manager, Costa Express
"Brookes Retail has proven to be an ideal partner in helping O2 plan a supply chain that can respond to changes in demand"
- David Flaxten, Demand Planning Manager, O2 UK

Brookes Retail Supply Chain Planning Solutions Features

use collaborative data from multiple sources for more accurate demand forecasting
optimise in-store and warehouse inventory levels to reduce inventory costs
improve demand forecast accuracy using signals from data and AI, including seasonal variations, long tail and intermittent demand products
reduce out-of-stocks and increase on-shelf availability

Why choose Brookes Retail?

Brookes Retail, the official UK distributor of ToolsGroup SO99+ supply chain software, brings together the best supply chain people, processes and technology to create sophisticated, highly automated demand-driven solutions which deliver measurable and sustainable business value to our customers.

We offer market leading consultancy, software and managed services for inventory optimisation, demand forecasting and product replenishment planning.

We understand the challenges enterprises face in a digital economy with high customer service and investor performance expectations.


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