Aftermarket Parts & Service Parts

Aftermarket supply chains characteristically include multi-tier distribution networks with large volumes of part numbers and usually intermittent demand. For companies with a significant aftermarket business, it is important to[...]

Consumer Goods

As consumer goods companies pursue growth, direct-to-consumer programs and multi-channel marketing, their demand forecasting has suffered. New product configurations, product portfolios and long tail demand have grown. Add the[...]

Fashion & Apparel

Synchronising demand and supply across a dynamic global supply chain requires the ability to manage the disparate needs of multiple retail channels, seasonal demand, fashion changes and restrictive capacity constraints. Also, most[...]

Food & Beverage

Businesses complexity is growing, driven by multi-channel marketing, demand shaping (media, promotions, new product introductions), and internet buying behaviour. Unfortunately, most companies are still forecasting based on cumbersome[...]


Healthcare/pharmaceutical companies (manufacturing, distribution and retailing) are usually expected (or may even be required) to deliver very high customer service levels, even for slow moving products. As one of our pharmaceutical[...]

Industrial & Durables

Industrial manufacturers with large product mixes and many slower moving products usually face demand that is variable and hard to predict. Other challenges to providing high customer service levels include dealing with geographically[...]

Internet Retail

Internet retailing success often comes from satisfying “long tail” demand. This means carrying an extensive product catalogue with large numbers of slow movers and diverse demand behaviours. In addition, the “Amazon Effect” is[...]

Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO)

Successful Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) inventory management usually requires handling a very large parts catalogues with extremely diverse demand and supply behaviours. Every part is different, from very expensive to[...]


Multichannel has forced retailers to revisit how they forecast demand and position inventory. The “long tail” poses challenges, even when it looks like an assortment or merchandising problem. Promotional forecasting, new product[...]

Specialty Chemicals

Forecasting demand for speciality chemicals is difficult yet at the same time critical to planning the inventory that drives the high service levels and consistent performance that retail customers demand. In addition, industrial[...]

Wholesale Distribution

High customer service levels are critically important to wholesale distributors because unserved orders usually translate into lost sales that directly impact the bottom line. Recent trends exacerbate the challenge. Offshore supplies[...]