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Brookes Retail demand planning solutions allow you to take advantage of the exploding amount of new data available to improve demand forecasting accuracy and significantly reduce forecast errors. Collaborating current data from multiple sources (including external events, weather and trends) and using machine learning allows far superior forecasting.

Older demand forecasting systems rely on sales histories which fail to measure the impact of external factors on baseline demand and produce disappointing results, increased forecast errors and are a far less accurate indicator of future demand.

To achieve more accurate demand forecasts, your demand forecasting software must consider external factors and also other signals like your own actions and promotions.

Intelligent demand planning software is more crucial than ever in today’s complex retail environment, with multichannel marketing, the influence of internet retail and the increasing influence of demand shaping including media, promotions and new product introductions.

Brookes Retail demand planning software uses machine learning to harness the power of your data.

Optimising retail supply chain planning requires an integrated supply chain planning system rather than merely putting together individual planning systems that only handle specific portions of the retail process. Brookes provides an all-inclusive integrated solution that addresses the entire supply chain planning lifecycle, eliminating multiple hand-offs in the demand planning process, reducing error, increasing automation and agility.

We bring together four powerful modules that accurately model and maximize your sales and inventory. Our supply chain planning solutions help buyers and merchandisers achieve greater control and insight of their planning systems.



Key demand planning software features

  • Demand sensing
  • Demand modelling
  • Production planning
  • Promotional planning
  • Demand and supplier collaboration


Data driven demand planning software benefits

  • Increased forecast accuracy
  • Increased demand visibility
  • Increased level of forecast detail
  • Inventory optimisation, especially for long tail products


Impact and savings

  • 30-50% Net promotions uplift


Brookes Retail demand planning software utilises leading technology with a far more accurate self-adaptive demand forecasting algorithm that creates a reliable baseline demand which is then adjusted by identifying the effect of external stimuli and demand indicators at a detailed channel level. The demand model then automatically analyses the relevant variables affecting demand and the complex interactions between them to produce superior up to date demand forecasts and service levels.

“The flexibility of consultants during all this change was world-class … So far this project has gone far better than we ever could have imagined … We’ve actually managed to grow our revenue and reduce our inventory costs, so I’m very pleased.”
- Chris Clowes, Supply Chain Manager, Costa Express
"Brookes Retail has proven to be an ideal partner in helping O2 plan a supply chain that can respond to changes in demand"
- David Flaxten, Demand Planning Manager, O2 UK

Brookes Retail Supply Chain Planning Solutions Features

use collaborative data from multiple sources for more accurate demand forecasting
optimise in-store and warehouse inventory levels to reduce inventory costs
improve demand forecast accuracy using signals from data and AI, including seasonal variations, long tail and intermittent demand products
reduce out-of-stocks and increase on-shelf availability

Why choose Brookes Retail?

Brookes Retail, the official UK distributor of ToolsGroup SO99+ supply chain software, brings together the best supply chain people, processes and technology to create sophisticated, highly automated demand-driven solutions which deliver measurable and sustainable business value to our customers.

We offer market leading consultancy, software and managed services for inventory optimisation, demand forecasting and product replenishment planning.

We understand the challenges enterprises face in a digital economy with high customer service and investor performance expectations.


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