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How can I break through my forecast accuracy ceiling?
How do I make intelligent inventory trade-offs to drive high service levels  and revenue growth?
How do I use data-driven analytics to improve my forecast, revenues and  margins?
How can I optimise the E2E supply chain, including suppliers and customers?


Overcame long-tail SKUs and demand volatility to dramatically cut forecast error and wasted effort

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Employed machine learning to overcome extreme seasonality and aftermarket parts demand variability

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Transitioned the United Kingdom’s blood supply from a push to a demand-driven ‘pull’ model

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Optimised the E2E (supplier to customer) supply chain to raise service levels and drive revenue growth

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Cipla's journey to driverless forecasting

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ToolsGroup announces Major New AI SC Planning Software Optimised for Cloud

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Graphs showing why demand details matter

Probabilistic Forecasting Can Extend the Life of SAP APO

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